Reportage & Documentary Photography

Documentary wedding photography is, put simply, the story of your wedding day told without direction or intervention. It’s an unorchestrated, candid, and spontaneous record of a once in a lifetime event. Often referred to as wedding photojournalism, wedding reportage, or candid wedding photography. It’s a popular style of wedding photography, as many couples don’t want to spend their day posing or have their photographer dictate how and where things should happen. I’ve been a documentary wedding photographer for over 10 years, and it’s the only style I have ever photographed in. For me, a photographer shouldn’t mould the events in front of them, or have any influence over a moment. I believe the best photos are ones which depict genuine moments and real emotion.

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Documentary wedding photography should tell have context. It’s not enough to just take photos of people laughing and say that it’s documentary. The images must tell a story, and for the viewer to get a feel of the event, of the mood and the atmosphere. I like to be close to the action on the day, and to be amongst the guests, chatting. This way, I can really get a feel for the wedding and have access to spontaneous and intimate moments.

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The dancefloor is one of my favourite places to be at a wedding. Some photographers only stay for 30 minutes after the first dance, thinking that this wraps up the story. However, I find that the best photos are often taken much later than this. Documentary wedding photography is about telling the full story, and so I like to round off the narrative with some amazing party shots. Lots of little stories can be found on and around the dancefloor, which can result in some great photos.

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